How Successful is Peter? How Often Does He Win His Cases?

The resolution of divorces, custody issues, and other family law disputes is very different from the resolution of other kinds of cases. For example, if you are injured in an automobile accident, and file a lawsuit, you “lose” if you go to trial and the jury does not award you any money. You “win” if you get an award that approaches your expectations. If you get an award of money that is far less than you expected, you technically “won” your case, but you will likely be disappointed.

In a family law case, there is usually a range of possible results. A judge, not a jury, decides the outcome. The trial court judge has broad discretion to impose solutions to family law problems. If your case goes to trial, especially if the trial involves child custody or parenting time, no one really “wins,” because the conflict and expense involved in a trial can have long-lasting and unanticipated consequences. Good lawyers can generally predict the range of possible results as to financial issues, but, because a judge is deciding those issues, no result is certain.

Peter is an accomplished and skilled lawyer. His goal is to help you successfully navigate and settle issues in your divorce, custody dispute, or other family law issue in a fair manner, within a range of reasonable results. He will do so with your family’s best interests in mind, aware of the damage that can be caused, especially to children, by unnecessary conflict. If your case goes to trial, Peter is a respected and experienced litigator, and will zealously work with you to resolve your case.

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