What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a process in which the parties work with a neutral and unbiased person (the mediator) to resolve some or all issues in a case. The mediator generally will be a lawyer, retired judge, or, in some cases involving children’s issues, a psychologist. The mediator’s role is to objectively assess each party’s position, and to help each party make compromises that are necessary to reach a reasonable and fair agreement. Mediation can happen with or without lawyers. If you case has complex or difficult issues, it is usually more efficient to mediate with lawyers, who can help you negotiate a reasonable result. Having a strong grasp of the facts and applicable law is essential in mediation, and will help the mediator resolve the case. It is also essential that you come to mediation with a realistic understanding of the possible outcomes, and that you are prepared to make acceptable compromises to bring your case to closure.

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