Family Law Resources

Oregon Judicial Department's Family Law Website

This website provides information about family law services and resources in Oregon. It also includes downloadable and printable court forms.

Oregon Division of Child Support's Child Support Calculator

This website contains the state's official child support calculator. This interactive calculator, which is based on the Oregon Child Support Guidelines, allows the user to enter various income, spousal support, and family scenarios into a worksheet to determine the presumptive amount of child support. Instructions for completing the worksheet are accessible from the website.

AAML: American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

The AAML is a national organization of family law lawyers. The website contains the names of all the organization's members and information on the organization's membership and selection criteria. The website also has an extensive on-line library, which includes a wealth of information regarding divorce and children.

Emery on Divorce

This friendly site by Dr. Robert Emery has a number of articles and tools for the divorcing parent.

Our Family Wizard

This website provides resources to assist parents with developing and implementing parenting plan schedules, and has tools that may be used to facilitate communication between separated parents.

AFCC: Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

AFCC is a network of professionals dedicated to resolving family conflict. Its members include judges, attorneys, mediators, academics, custody evaluators, and court administrators. It contains resources and information to help parents navigate high conflict issues.

High Conflict Institute

The High Conflict Institute has very useful information about the dynamics of divorce, as well as in-depth articles and resources about conflict, its impact on children, and ways to deal with that conflict.

This website offers and excellent overview of the mediation process, and contains links to other family law websites.

My Collaborative Law Divorce

This website provides an excellent overview of the plusses and minuses of the collaborative law process.

This is a website that contains a wide variety of information on many legal topics, including overviews of important family law and divorce topics.