What Sorts Of Things Do Lawyers Bill For?

Different lawyers have different approaches to billing: some bill for any thought or action on your case, no matter how minimal. Peter does not follow that model, and understands that clients do not appreciate overbearing billing practices.

Peter bills for the time he spends working on your case. This may include communications with you, with the opposing counsel, and with experts. It may also include drafting legal documents, negotiations, dealing with obtaining information about your case (“discovery”), preparing for and taking depositions, and trial work.

Peter has a transparent billing philosophy. If you decide to retain Peter, before you ever receive an invoice from our firm, you will be asked to sign a contract outlining what is expected of you and him in the attorney/client relationship. In keeping with Peter’s philosophy of transparency in billing, the contract will include more detailed information about Peter’s billing practices. If you have concerns about any task performed on your behalf, or about its cost, Peter will work with you to address your concerns.

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