High Asset and Complex Divorce Attorney

Not every divorce is the same. Sometimes, divorce cases have very complex facts that can impact custody, support, or the property division. For example, if a party has an interest in a non-publicly traded company, the value of the interest should be appraised. The assessment of business valuation issues can be difficult. Depending on the type of business interest at issue, experts such as commercial real estate appraisers, CPAs, business valuation experts, tax lawyers, and other experts may need to be brought in to protect a party’s interest.

Peter routinely deals with complex business valuations, commercial property, as well as complex compensation analysis, including executive compensation, small business owner compensation, stock options, restricted stock units, employee stock purchase programs, and other perquisites.

Some cases may also involve inheritances, trusts, generation skipping trusts, complex tax issues, and issues involving the division of retirement accounts. Unfortunately, some cases may involve parallel criminal proceedings or investigations, or other issues that are related to resolve custody, which can make a divorce case very delicate and complicated.

In all of these circumstances, knowing what experts to retain is critical to a successful outcome. Peter has excellent relationships and connections with a network of experts, including business evaluators, CPAs, tax lawyers, criminal defense lawyers, psychologists, real property appraisers, and other experts.

If your case involves has difficult issues, selecting the right lawyer is the most important aspect of your divorce. In interviewing lawyers, you should be prepared to ask hard questions about the lawyer’s experience and his or her approach to the resolution of the issues in your case. Peter is prepared to answer your questions and provide you with an informed analysis of your case.

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