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I sought legal counsel from many attorneys before choosing Peter. I chose him because of his compassion, directness and professionalism. He was always prepared for every situation from negotiations, to depositions, to the courtroom and beyond. He represented my best interest and fought for me and my children.

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In terms of the law, Peter not only seems to have the law down cold, including any number of make-or-break details his adversaries miss, but more importantly he knows the players, he knows the judges, and he knows how the law plays out in the real world of rushed mediators, imperfect courts, and overwhelmed clients.

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I interviewed over half a dozen attorneys before finding the right one: Peter Bunch. Before finishing the interview, I knew he was the one. My divorce case involved property, child custody, and family inheritance. Through it all, he was my best ally, always seeking the most favorable outcome for me. In the end, I got what I believe was fair.

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Peter was very kind, listening to my story to get a complete picture of my situation. Peter took the time to fully explain the process, expense and armed me with valuable advise to survive what would be a very long, tumultuous divorce and custody evaluation.

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Peter Bunch is one of Portland, Oregon's highly regarded divorce and family law attorneys, having served clients in an array of divorce and family law matters for nearly two decades.

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When a family is in a crisis, finding the right lawyer makes a real difference. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, a difficult custody matter, parenting time (visitation), child support, spousal support (alimony), a complex business valuation problem, an inheritance, or other family law dispute, Portland lawyer Peter Bunch is committed to using his knowledge, skills, and judgment to help resolve your issues professionally and efficiently.

Peter understands the emotional and financial stress that accompanies divorce and family law disputes. Peter uses a wide range of alternative dispute resolution methods, including settlement conferences, mediation, and arbitration, because how you resolve the problems in your family law case will likely have long-lasting consequences for you and for your family. If your case cannot be resolved using one of those methods, Peter is an experienced trial lawyer and a well-regarded advocate for his clients.

Peter represents a diverse range of clients on a wide variety of issues. Whether you live in Portland, Oregon City, Hillsboro, Bend, Seaside, Astoria, or elsewhere in northwest Oregon, and no matter what family law dispute you are experiencing, Peter’s goal is to provide the best service possible in helping to resolve your issues fairly and amicably.